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The Because Approach
Biblical strategy for missional churches.

The because approach is a biblical approach to strategic planning. It asks 3 questions:

  1. The Because of Scripture
    What is our biblical mandate for what we should be doing?
  2. The However of Setting
    What is it in our context that God is giving us a vision to renew, transform, serve or build up?
  3. The Therefore of Solution
    What actions will we carry out to fulfill our God ordained mandate and God given vision?

The because approach is a mission planning process for local churches. It is formed of 7 steps:


Because Approach Executive Summary

This book was shaped in the crucible of a small local church passionate about reaching out to local people. A lot of the material comes from experience of growing a church from scratch rather than relying on less transferable models of mega churches.

My dream is that the book will help as it will be intentional in what we as churches and as individuals do. Jesus sends out his 12 disciples (Matt.10) and he gives them clear instructions on what to do as they go into the harvest fields - they didn't walk from village to village with no plan, but with clear intention from Christ for our churches. I hope the Because Approach will help your church know the because behind everything you do — because church is worth it! — Andrew Baughen