The Because Approach
Biblical strategy for missional churches.

3. Movement.

Vision begins by looking at your situation and being distressed by the gap between the order and shalom of God’s glory and the reality. That gap builds a divine disturbance inside us and compels us to action. The classic example of divine disturbance is Jesus in Matt 9:36 who was filled with compassion when he saw how harassed and helpless the crowds were. He identified the gap between where people were and where God wants them to be and announces a plan to send workers into the harvest fields in Matt 10:1-16.

Step 3 provides a method of analysing your external context and internal capabilities. It then helps you determine your church’s God given Unique Kingdom Building Contribution and form a vision that compels the whole church to action.

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Useful websites

  1. Government statistics website
    Study the area of your church that people are coming to